Focus Sept 13

Published 2014-04-17

All you have to do is look around your town or city to see WHY you need to have a Real Estate Agent. Properties are being bought and sold everyday with the benefit of market research and planning. Often times these two elements are outside the scope of a person who wishes to sell their own home. Sure, you know what kind of equity you put into your own home, but how much did that other house down the street sell for? What kind of pricing is affecting the homes around you currently? Do you know how to reach out to prospective home buyers? These questions all lend to reasons why there are benefits of having a Real Estate Agent.

Benefit 1: Market Research

Real Estate Agents have the benefit of and intrinsic knowledge of the market, but they also are privy to any phone calls that come into the office that might be from new sellers who are wishing to sell as soon as possible and in some cases may be sold directly off of their database of prospective buyers.  Agents also have the benefit of researching market analyses of different property types in the area that you are looking to buy or sell in. This is invaluable information as it would go towards how much something is definitely worth.

Benefit 2: Planning and Consultation

Real Estate Agents are the people who have gone through assisting with 100’s of home buying and home selling situations. They are the ones to consult with in understanding how to sell your home. Do you keep you animals away when you have a home showing, and how much do you clean up? What do you want to highlight and what do you want to keep in the background. These are all questions that real estate agents can assist with.

Benefit 3: They are on your side

You will never have someone as ferocious on your side to help you buy or sell a home. Real Estate Agents are commission based for their service fees, but they rely on their network of clients to bring in their next client. Without their network, they wouldn’t have anyone to represent. That being said, they will do everything possible to get what you want. Without satisfying their clients, they would have no clients! It is also important to use an agent because although they are on your side, and acting in your best interest, they come from a position of neutrality and can take some of the emotions out of the negotiations. Once again assuring you of a sale at the best price.

As you can see, real estate agents offer quantified benefits outside of assisting in purchasing or selling your home. They understand the nuances, the paperwork, and most importantly- your needs. Remember though choose wisely, it is your biggest investment, when able choose an agent who is a member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW. By choosing a member agency you know you are dealing with an agent who follows a State wide code of conduct and abides by a code of ethics.

Remember too, that some of the skills that an experienced Agent brings to the table are marketing and negotiation skills, these are the attributes that will put the most money in your hand at the end of the transaction.